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A Brief Introduction

Ruifeng Elementary School: A Brief Introduction

The Ruifeng Elementary School was founded in 1924 as the DaYuan Public School for Foreigners, was later established as the RuiYuan Branch Schoolhouse in 1941, and after that was changed to the RuiYuan Branch School in 1951. In 1954, in response to the continuously rising population, the RuiYuan Branch School broke off and became the RuiYuan Public Elementary School.

Situated along Provincial Highway 9 in Luye Township, facing the Coastal (Hai’an) Mountain Range and lying at the base of the Central (Zhongyang) Mountain Range, this school enjoys an ideal learning environment of peace and tranquility. Our school serves students from three communities: Xinfeng Community, the Jingfeng Community, and the Ruihe Community. Regarding social and ethnic groups, 30% of our student body is from aboriginal groups, 50% from the Min ethnic group, and 20% from the Hakka ethnic group. Additionally, as a result of the expansion of the local “Xinzhumin” population -- families with foreign-born mothers -- over the past several years, approximately 25% of our students classify as children from this type of family structure.

 Most of our students’ parents rely on agriculture to make a living, though some maintain their livelihoods by part-time work or working in other parts of the country. Because of this, more and more of our students are raised by either grandparents or single parents. Because of economic instability, about one third of our families fall below the poverty line and therefore receive charity assistance from both the government sector as well as from other community members.

Our school puts emphasis on fostering students’ multiple intelligences, developing students’ language and literature abilities, and competing in county-wide language and literature competitions, the competitors of which all have excellent academic grades. Additionally, our recorder team developed into one of our school’s most distinguishing features. It has not only encouraged students to acquire the skills to play musical instruments, but it has also accomplished outstanding achievement in county-wide competitions.

Holding an average of fifteen years of teaching experience, our teachers are not only rich with know-how but also bring their own specialized knowledge and abilities to the school. Furthermore, our teachers possess degrees in specialized educational fields, actively participate in professional development, are diligent about their educational work, and lastly, are filled to the brim with love for their students.